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If you own your own business then you are the face of your brand. Therapists, stylists, consultants, life coaches, bloggers, direct sales reps, real estate agents all need very specific headshots to communicate their brand to customers. If you have a job, that's one thing, but if you want a career, then this is where you begin - showing the world why you stand apart from the crowd. There are thousands of therapists in Los Angeles, so why would I go to you over one of the others? Your message, your professionalism, your style should be showcased in your headshot.


Individual portraits of your team can help to build relationship with your clients. The photographs should look like your company and brand, while revealing the personalities of your team members. Whether you sell insurance or cut hair, your company should look its best. Call us for a free quote and team branding consultation.


Not sure where to begin or what exactly you need? Give us a call for a free consultation. We'll listen to you about your goals, style, brand, business, and who your ideal client is and together we will craft a style right for you. We will also walk you through how sessions work, how long they take, and how we deliver images. Call us at 626-335-1050  or email us at


Client Profiles - learn about some of our clients and see their final portraits

Dalel Snider owner of Los Angeles Floral Couture
Mike Weil
JuliAnn Stitick Personal Branding Photography

Dalel Snider is owner of Los Angeles Floral Couture. She is an artist with flowers, thinking outside of the box, and creating floral designs specifically for each bride, business lobby, and special gift. This is not Telaflora or FTD generic flower arrangements, but high-end custom couture flower creations.

When approaching her photography, we focused on fashion and put her at the center of her business brand. Most florists put their flowers in the forefront, but we chose to build a brand around Dalel because of her unique approach to her business.

We created a look together that felt like a Michael Kors ad, or Louis Vuitton spread in a magazine. These images have since run in Los Angeles Magazine, Ceremony Magazine, The Knot, and many online publications.


Mike Weil owns a company called Insights for Less. He specializes in creating custom research studies for the automotive and technology industries to determine why customers love (or don't love) a particular brand.

When talking to Mike about his business, it became clear that his unique selling point is his brain. His unique ability to interpret the data and ask questions that come at the problem sideways makes him stand out in the marketplace. I photographed him so there would be space around him, showing off his big thoughts and creativity.



JuliAnn Stitick is a Branding expert and coach who helps entrepreneurs develop a strong personal brand. Her branding strategy allows clients to get to the heart of their business and showcase that to potential clients, employers, and audience.

JuliAnn needed many components for her branding business. A consultant, public speaker, coach, bestselling author, and thought leader, her photography needs were many. She also feels strongly about self care and taking care of ourselves in mind, body and spirit.

JuliAnn already had great pictures to showcase her brand, but the images only showed her capable side, not her relate-able qualities. She's so easy to talk to, and I wanted to see that in her portraits. 

Together, we collaborated to create images that will last her for the remainder of the year, and serve all the many aspects of her business and brand.