Whether it’s casual friday, that big presentation, or a Zoom video meeting from your home office, the way you dress and carry yourself sends a message. Taking good care of yourself and investing in your appearance is worth the effort, to create the best impression and convey a powerful message in the first glance itself-- “I’m in the game. I get it. Listen to me”. 

Sounds great! Now how do you create this power dressing effect? Will it require occasional salon visit for Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, and $300 haircuts? Or are we talking about expensive Dior clothes, Louis Vuitton bags or $2,000 Jimmy Choo’s here? Well, powerful and successful women know what to buy, where and when to open their wallet.

My wise and brilliant friend, Branding Expert, JuliAnn Stitick, once told me, “To inspire potential clients to work with you, you must dress the part. They want to work with put-together, successful people. You must embody the women they need you to be.”

It’s not about breaking the bank with clothes that take up your entire salary. But sticking to certain fashion rules to bring out your best personality! Let's see how.

1. Dress for the Occasion

Noticed that powerful women rarely look unkempt at work? Take a look at your female boss or the women who are killing it in your field. That’s right: powerful women are wise enough to project themselves through fashion, and have the right outfits for the events they attend. Remember that dressing should be:  Half your audience and half your personal style. Fashion should express you – it’s true. But never ignore the audience and setting you are going to be in.

2. Body Awareness

It all begins with being aware of your body. When you operate in a heightened state of awareness, you tend to take better care of yourself. Grooming becomes a form of self-love and not a chore. You choose clothes and accessories which fits your body and creates an elegant look (regardless of the price or brand of the items you use). Also, powerful women like you, get regular haircuts, and their nails always look great. Bonus Tip: Accept and listen to your body. Work with it, not against it.

3. Elegant and Expert Accessorizing

Having the right jewelry can add pop to an otherwise simple attire. Changing out jewelry, shoes and bags helps you to double or triple your outfit options. Remember the occasion and accessorize. When wearing your casual jeans with a chic blazer, spice your outfit with a colorful bag and a pair of pink pumps. Just consider ones that can transform an outfit from out-of-date to current, or infuse a traditional look with some modern touch.

4. Invest in Quality Buys

Invest in pieces that will last you for years, and splurge on clothes that make your heart happy. There’s no need to  spend $100 on a tank top that looks the same as a $9 Target tank. Choose quality products must stand the test of time, like a great dress, perfect slacks, or fitted blazer. Anything that is elegant and long lasting is worth buying.

5. Create your own signature style

Michelle Obama has a distinctive style. So does Meghan Markle. And also Sheryl Sandberg. What’s yours? Having your own go-to-look helps you stand out and showcase your personal energy. The bonus part is -- It saves time and dressing up for any occasion becomes a breeze for you. Whether it's a distinctive color, en era-inspired look or statement jewelry, you can choose your own personal style. This predictable visual identity displays consistency and reliability which describes a Powerful Woman.

We no longer need to blend in to communicate confidence, but anyone with a love for fashion will tell you it can help boost the spirit to feel great in your clothes. Powerful women get to do—and wear—what they want.

Having these tips in mind can enhance confidence, especially for your personal or corporate photoshoot. We will help you style your session and guide you through the clothing selection process.

Let us help you see how beautiful you are. Book a free portrait consultation and we will guide you to bring out the Power Woman in You!