San Gabriel Valley Glamour Photography

There are few lighting styles as beautiful as backlight. I was so glad when this client made the drive from Canyon Country to my San Gabriel Valley Glamour Photography Studio in Glendora. We created a lot of different looks, but one of my favorites is this backlit beauty portrait.  This was created with natural light, which means no flashes going off, and my clients are less nervous, more able to relax, and you can see how beautiful the results are.

Backlight has a great fresh look. Everything looks clean, bright, and inviting.  Backlight is also one of the most flattering kinds of light, because the light wraps around the face to outline the jawline and cheekbones of the subject.  You can see how glowing and wonderful my client's skin looks here.  That's not Photoshop, that's beautiful light.

Beauty Portraits

A beauty portrait like this is something my clients really value. It's like an Ivory Soap or Neutrogena ad. It's easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl.  Click for more information about San Gabriel Valley Glamour Portrait Photography.