Respecting Traditions and Keeping Your Photographs Private

Simpson Portraits is a place that welcomes people of all countries, communities and cultures. Photography is such a personal, intimate, and visual medium. For many, it something to kept very private. If you would love a portrait session but require a high level of discretion, we can accommodate you.

All-Female Staff

Women of different cultures and religions may want to keep their portrait photography private. We are an all-female business, and I am a female photographer. If you request it, I can ensure that your images are never seen by men or by anyone you do not specifically authorize. In fact, I work with a wonderful lab which gives me the option to request female print and album makers. I even edit the photographs personally and in private.

Model Release Not Required

I generally ask clients to sign a model release so I can showcase their photographs on my website or in my marketing materials. If you do not wish your photographs to be seen, I do not require that you sign the model release. To ensure the images are never mishandled, I delete all photographs from your session after your portraits have been delivered. 

Hair and Makeup is Included

Hair and makeup is included in your session. If you have particular requirements or a specific style you would like to use outside of what you see on my website, please let us know. We are happy to hire a hair and makeup artist fluent in your preferred style, who can give you the looks you will love.

Please let us know how we can make you comfortable and to respect your traditions and privacy. We would love to invite you to our studio to discuss all the details in person, and so you can see if we are the right fit for you.  626-335-1050