It's hard for teens sometimes to feel beautiful particularly as they are moving thru awkward stages in life, our philosophy is that if you show young girls they are beautiful at all stages of their development it will bolster their self esteem and help create a long lasting positive self image. 

Meet Maddie, she was 14 when she had her portrait session.  She walked away that day on cloud nine, as did her Mom, who was thrilled seeing her daughter so beautiful in such an age appropriate way.  We are all Moms here at Simpson Portraits and we take great care of the tender hearts of our clients, particularly teen girls.  We are mindful of their age when it comes to posing, hair, & make-up.

If you see your daughter worrying about her self image, help her see she is beautiful as who she is.  We want to invite you into our studio for a free consultation, where we would love to sit with you and go over all that goes into this special experience for your daughter.