Old Hollywood glamour-style portraiture is the classic style of beauty photography.  This was the style that brought fame and mystique to stars such as Katheryn Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, and Cary Grant.  I have been creating film noir and Hollywood glamour portraits for most of my career because of their classic beauty, and the gorgeous light. Now I create film noir portraits for a little Los Angeles sophistication here in Glendora.

For today's Portrait-a-Day, I present Maggie, my primary makeup artist at Simpson Portraits.  We wanted to create a shot that showcased her beautiful eyes, and old Hollywood classic beauty.

Every woman looks beautiful with this style of photography because the objective is to find the perfect light to showcase her best features.  Black & white also flatters everyone, men and women. My clients come to Glendora to step back in time to an era of beauty and sophistication.