Competition is intense in every field; you may be exceptional at what you do – but you need to make sure that people, especially your potential customers – know that. As a real estate agent, what are the strategies that you need to follow to build your brand?

1.Create your Buyer Persona

This is your Ideal Buyer; to create this, you need to understand your target audience well. Take a look at the kind of properties you deal in and the kind of homes that are in your area. The look at the people living in the area you plan to work in – their average ages, incomes, preferences, hobbies, etc. Based on this, create your buyer persona; you may sometimes need to create more than one persona, if the demographic makeup of your area is very diverse.

2.Check out the Competition

Take a long hard look at their strategies; see how they are branding, and learn from them, especially from the top realtors in your area. If you look at the top realtors in Los Angeles, you will see they each have a specific brand. They don’t just mimic the branding of their brokerage firm, they stand out with their own personality. Having photographed many of the top real estate brokers in the region, I work hard to carve out their particular brand with them.  Your brand should feel like you in business and attract your ideal buyer/seller.


This may seem obvious, and most realtors do not have a distinctive website.  When you sign with a brokerage firm, such as Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, or Century 21, you are given tools, such as a generic website, business card templates, and branding materials. But there are ways to make yourself stand out, even from competitive brokers within your own brokerage. Distinctive, branded photography is a great way to start. Sharing your story on your website is another. In this competitive market with such high purchase prices at stake, it is important that buyers/sellers connect with you and trust that you’re the perfect person to make their dream home dreams come true.

4.Tag Line

 Great tag lines can certainly help to set a business apart from others – they are usually short, easy to remember, often indicate a key benefit, AND associate with the brand. For example – ‘Never Leave Home Without It’ from American Express, ‘Because You’re Worth it’ from L’Oréal, ‘The Best a Man Can Get’ from Gillette, and so on. A great tag line helps to make you memorable.  What’s my tag line? “I wish you could see yourself through my lens.”


Ensure your website and all printed material have your photos; get high quality pictures of yourself taken by top headshot photographers, and show off your best side to your target audience. An experienced photographer will know exactly how to present you – your clothes, angles, lighting, expression, location, and so on – so that you look like you’re not just serious about what you do, but that you also take pride in it; and that is vital to convey. Top realtors know that to communicate with their market, they need multiple pictures targeted at each segment of their audience. “It’s not just a headshot, it’s your business, your brand, and the future of your success.” - Stephanie Simpson