We are entering a modern age of portrait photography here in Los Angeles.  Gone are the days of Glamour Shots at the mall. Gone are the shiny dresses with shoulder pads and absurdly tall hair.  May they never return!  But the sad thing about the end of that era was the the absence of being given the feeling of being beautiful in a photo session.

The hair and makeup, the pampering, the feeling if being beautiful has been absent from our lives since the eighties, and it has left a void.  We get pedicures and facials, massages and threading, highlights and makeovers at the makeup counter, but what do we have to show for it?  A portrait session, above all things, gives us the lasting feeling of being beautiful, and photographic portraits are the tangible objects we can use to hold on to that feeling.  They are proof that we are beautiful. 

Modern Glamour has Arrived

You will soon start hearing terms like Portrait Couture, Modern Glamour, and Beauty Photography.  Photographers are desperately searching for a term other than "glamour" because it's associated with awful pictures from the mall. When I think about glamour photography, I think of it's newly re-invented state.  Inspired by the work of international glamour photographer, Sue Bryce, portrait photographers all over the world are falling in love with making their clients feel beautiful.

I think of myself as a beauty photographer.  If you look at my Los Angeles Glamour Portrait Photography Gallery, you will see the emphasis is on simple, true beauty of a woman, not on costumes or wacky poses.  I draw inspiration from George Hurrell, the renound Old Hollywood photographer who made Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant so famous.  His portraits are beautiful and classic and have been for 70 years.

No Shoulder Pads Here!

I aim to be the little black dress of modern glamour portrait photographers in Los Angeles.  I design my portrait sessions to be classic, so the photographs will still be beautiful and timeless in 20 years.  To book your Glendora Photography session and a Modern Glamour Portrait Experience, shoot me an email.  You will find no shoulder pads here.