I know I show a lot of portraits of women on my website and Facebook page, but I also love photographing men. Men look fantastic with dramatic photography styles. 

All men look handsome with dramatic lighting like this.  It sculpts the face, brings intensity to the eyes, and gives off a very masculine vibe.  Film noir photography for women has a more old Hollywood vibe, and the face is lit to create a more feminine look

The artistry with this lighting style comes with bringing out the richness of the shadows in the image while directing the viewer's eye where you want it to go.  The unusual framing for this shot also adds to the mystery.

This is my former student, Ender. He wanted a film noir style portrait that was dramatic and intense.  As a director and photographer, he needed a portrait that would speak about his creativity, attract the attention of clients and help him to make a name for himself as he launched his career. 

Dramatic Portraits for Creative Professionals

A portrait like this would look great printed and hung on the wall, and it would also work well as a dramatic business portrait for creative professionals like directors, actors, photographers, graphic designers, or artists.

For creatives, the right portrait can help to attract clients and potential income.  This is more true for creatives than it is for regular business people because we are our brand.  If I had a terrible portrait on my Simpson Portraits About Me page, you would probably think twice about hiring me. This is just as true for graphic designers and artists, who are the physical representation of their brand and how they present themselves to the outside world.

If you are interested in making a bold statement with your brand, or you want a dramatic portrait for your walls, call me at 626-221-6646 or email me at stephanie@simpsonportraits.com to book your session.

Simpson Portraits is a Los Angeles contemporary portrait photography studio in Glendora, California, specializing in glamour photography, fantasy portraits, and high school senior portraits.  Stephanie Simpson is a Glendora Photographer who excels in beautiful lighting, posing, and creative photography.