Before and After Transformation, Simpson Portraits

Before and After Photographs

Why do I photograph clients before their sessions?  I am a strong believer that we all have the power to transform ourselves. We have the power to change into the women and men we really want to be.  When I say this, I don't mean changing ourselves on the outside with surgery or a lot of Photoshop.  I mean we have the power to become extraordinary on the inside as well as the outside.

A Transformation Photography Studio

I have two great strengths - 1) Making people look beautiful through photography & the mastery of posing and lighting, and 2) making people feel amazing about themselves. I am a great empowerer, and love to show people what I see inside them.  I listen to their stories and remind them of what they've accomplished and show them what incredible people they are. These two skills combined make Simpson Portraits into a place of transformation, from feeling hum drum into blossoming into an extraordinary beauty.  We all have this beauty within ourselves, but sometimes it takes someone from the outside to show us or remind us that we are lovely.

The reason I became a Los Angeles contemporary portrait photographer is that I wanted to make women feel amazing. I wanted them to look at portraits of themselves and be blown away by their own beauty, and see themselves in a new light.  For this reason, I don't change how my clients look with Photoshop. I don't slim them down electronically, but with great posing. I don't enlarge eyes or lengthen necks or alter their features in any way, but rather pose them and light them in a way that highlights their best features.  

Real Women with a Glamour Girl Inside

When you look at my Before and After portrait photography shots, I hope you see that these are not models on my website, but that they are regular people who have a vixen or fashion model or glamour girl inside them.  I hope you see what I see when I meet a new client - an extraordinarily beautiful person.