11 Reasons We Should Exist in Photographs

We need to exist in photographs. I can't say this strongly enough. Are you like me? Do you avoid the camera because you don't like how you look? Does your outward appearance not always match your inner view of yourself?  Yah, me too, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't exist in photographs.  I respect myself, and I want to show myself, my children, husband, and friends that I am beautiful. 

So I put together a list of why we should exist in photographs. 

1.       We need to show ourselves that we are beautiful

2.       We are valid, amazing, beautiful people, each of us. We need to show those around us that WE ARE HERE

3.       Our children (or future children, or best friend's children) will want to see who we were at this stage in our lives

4.       Our children need to see that we respect ourselves.

5.       Our friends and family need to see that we respect ourselves.

6.       Women are constantly evolving and changing. We should be photographed at many stages in our lives to capture who we were during that time in our lives.

7.        Life is short. Printed photographs are a lasting remnant of us long after we are gone.

8.       Not to quote L'Oreal, but we should be photographed and have this amazing experience because we are worth it

9.       If we don't like how we look in photographs, we should hire professional photographers to create beautiful portraits

10.   When we are having a bad hair day, seeing a beautiful picture of ourselves is a reminder that we are beautiful inside and out

11.   Even before photography existed, people had portraits painted to capture and hold on to the people in their lives.  Now we look at these paintings and wonder about their lives, personalities, and stories. This should be us, too.

What would you add to the list?