Beauty portraits are one of my specialties in my Los Angeles, California photography studio. The key to an extraordinary beauty portrait is connection in the eyes. One of my favorite parts of my job as a glamour photographer is learning the faces of my clients. We all have different expressions and smiles.  At the beginning of each photo session, I spend a few minutes discovering the best and most beautiful expressions on my clients' faces.   Some women have smirk-y smiles. Some have big toothy grins that light up the room. This high school student can rock supermodel intensity.

Regardless of a woman's natural smiles or expressions, connection in the eyes is all-important.  The eyes have to communicate.  Just looking into the camera isn't enough. A blank expression makes a blank portrait, so the eyes have to tell a story and show life and mystery. 

The trick is to show a hint of a smile in the eyes. Most people cannot do this at first. But my job as a beauty photographer is to teach my clients how to connect with the camera and smile with their eyes. 

My approach with this high school senior portrait photography session was to transform her into a supermodel.  Not everyone can make that expression look pretty instead of mean or vacant, so we worked to position her head correctly so the focus would be on her eyes. Then I taught her how to bring intensity to her expression, and pose the rest of her body, and voila! Beauty portrait!  For more inspiration shots on Los Angeles beauty photography, click here.