Meet Christopher Speed.  He is a Hollywood actor who needed a wide range of looks for character actor headshots.  Chris is the man of a thousand looks, and the key to his successful actor headshots photography session was planning, preparation, and a shot list.  As Chris is discovering, casting directors and directors need more targeted head shots these days.  They want to see faces that exactly match the look they're seeking within the headshot.  Gone are the days where a single shot will get you work.

Christopher is going for roles of high school students, nerds, goofy office workers, comedy parts, junior politician, and serious roles in theater and commercials.  That single general headshot is good, as Chris put it, "for only about 1 in 10 roles. For the other nine, they want to see that character in the headshot."

All actors should be as prepared as Chris. He had planned exactly the looks he wanted, together with the right clothes and props to sell the character.   You can see that these actor headshots could land him so many different kinds of roles and together, they showcase the variety of roles he can play.


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