High school senior portraits don't have to be boring. They don't have to be all the same, either.  You know the shots I mean - posing in front of a brick wall, or lying in the grass with hand under chin, standing on train tracks, or sitting on the ground staring straight up at the camera.  Um, boring!  Go Google high school senior portraits, and you'll see what I mean.  All these seniors look exactly the same.  Same field, same brick wall, same boring grass.  Make your Glendora senior portraits stand out from the crowd.

Simpson Portraits is a Glendora senior portraits photography studio.  My objective is to ban boring, and work together with seniors to create cool and unique fine art portraits.

This is Katie.  She is a super cool high school senior who loves all things quirky.  One of the shots Katie really wanted to do was a re-creation of her grandmother's high school senior portrait.  She had the necklace and a similar dress and that inspired the picture.  Maggie Cathey, my awesome makeup artist, recreated the makeup and hair, and I lit the shot to match.  What is so cool about her grandmother's image is that it was shot in black & white and colorized to look like this 60+ years ago.  So to re-create the look, I also made it black & white and hand colored it.  So fun!

Another shot Katie really wanted to do was a Zooey Deschanel-inspired look. Katie looks so much Zooey, and also like Katy Perry, so we played with those looks.  Isn't that the cutest teapot dress?

A huge movie buff, Katie had a great idea to duplicate the movie poster for the classic film, The Graduate. She found the right outfit, we pulled back her hair, and photographed her in the same pose.  I added the font and removed the background in Photoshop for this hilarious shot.

Finally, Katie wanted to duplicate David Bowie's pose from her favorite T-shirt, and I really wanted to create a Saturday Night Live shot, so we put the two ideas together for this shot.

If you want your senior portraits to stand out and truly reflect your interests and personalities, then collaboration is the way to go.  I love to hear new ideas for Glendora senior portraits photography shoots.  Got any wacky awesome ideas?

Simpson_Portraits_Glendora_Photographer_Katie Grandma Collag.jpg