My awesome makeup artist, Maggie, and I had some fun in the studio this week. She's 2 weeks from her due date so we were really cutting her maternity photography session close!  In general, it's best to do maternity sessions between 7 and 7.5 months.  The reason for this is that by 8 months, your body is TIRED, and you feel uncomfortable most of the time.  It's also the time for ankles to swell and your face to get a little fuller.  Sure, your belly is wonderfully round by 8 months, but it's not a time where you feel your prettiest. At seven months, it's also a time to have fun with your session, rather than waiting and having photography be another thing to check off your mounting To Do list.

We took these playful and fun maternity pictures for Maggie's Facebook page.  I'm still editing the rest of her session and will post my Glendora maternity photography portraits in the next couple of weeks.  We both had a really fun time with this session, and the melting ice cream didn't hurt, either!