You Think You Only Want Digitals, But You're Wrong

So many clients come to me thinking they only want digital copies of their portraits, but within 2 minutes, they realize they are wrong.  Digital images are not real things. They exist only on a screen, and with the sheer volume of images we encounter on screens every day, adding another image to your many screens makes that portrait insignificant.

A printed photograph has become a rare and precious object.  Have you printed a single picture in the last 2 years? We don't even read magazines anymore, thanks to digital content and sites like Pinterest.  So to hold a professionally photographed portrait of yourself in your hands or to hang it on a wall is a meaningful and significant thing.

What Is The First Thing You'll Grab If There's a Fire? 

If there's a fire, are you going to make a run for your backup hard drive with files from 5 years ago? Nope. You're going to grab your photo albums, pictures of your parents, grandparents and children.  You'll grab scrap books and physical objects that have taken on personal, emotional significance.  Portraits are like that, files are not.

Have you ever upgraded your phone and forgotten about the un-saved pictures you had on your old phone? They're gone now. 

Do you have any floppy discs lying around with files from 10 years ago?  Apple computers don't even have CD drives anymore.

Files are not real. They are not a way of archiving your life. When was the last time you looked at your photos from 3 years ago? I have 2 old computers in my garage, and I have no clue what files are on them. 

Do You Still Think You Want Only Digitals? 

I have structured my entire business upon the beauty and emotions of the printed photograph. Of course you will get digital copies of everything you buy, but those files will live on a flash drive or hard drive and will only be seen if you post them on Facebook.  A beautiful collection of matted images in a custom-made folio box, on the other hand, will be looked at again and again. These images can hang on your walls or sit out on your coffee table.

Every time you look at your portraits hanging on the wall, you will remember that you are beautiful - because there is proof right there in front of you. You will show your friends and family that you respect and value yourself enough to have a portrait experience. You will show off your fine art watercolor print hanging in a museum frame in your bedroom, or your custom fine art album on the coffee table. The printed image will become a part of your experience and how you see yourself.

 Will I still Get Digitals?

Of course you will still get digital copies of everything you buy, this isn't the stone age. But they will be your secondary way of looking at your portraits. Your first way will be in beautiful, printed photographs that celebrate you and your family.