When I opened Simpson Portraits, it was important to me that hair and makeup be included in every session. This is why it is included in every session fee.  I felt strongly about this because very few people know how to do their makeup well for natural light photography.  Have you ever done your makeup and gone outside and looked in the rear view mirror? You probably didn't look anything like you did when you were inside.  Daylight washes us out, and can show shadows in all the wrong places when not directed properly for your features.

Simpson Portraits Makeup
Simpson Portraits Makeup 2
Simpson Portraits Makeup 3

I ask my makeup artists not to use shimmery products on the skin. It distorts the texture of the skin and over-highlights it in sunlight.  Shading is really important, too. Accenting cheek bones and outlining the chin and jawline is really important to creating depth and shadow in the right places. 

When I first had my makeup done for natural light photography, I was shocked at how much makeup I had on!  It definitely made me nervous, as it does many of my clients. But once I stepped into the photography studio with all that beautiful natural light, I was amazed at how fantastic my skin, lips and eyes looked! Check out my recent self portrait at the About Simpson Portraits page. 

The idea isn't to turn you into a different person, it is to highlight your most beautiful features for the camera.  The key to beauty photography is gorgeous light directed best for your bone structure, beautiful makeup that brings out your eyes and showcases your features, connection with the camera, the best lens to flatter your face, and of course great poses to flatter your body. 

Makeup sessions are available even if you don't want a portrait session but want to look fantastic for a night out on the town, a wedding, or special occasion.  My makeup artist, Maggie Cathey, also offers makeup instruction! She will teach you how to use the makeup you already own, or advise you which colors should be tossed out.   I handed Maggie my whole makeup bag and she threw away about 2/3 of my stuff!  I was thrilled, because she was able to tell me exactly what to buy and how to use it best for MY face.  I no longer waste money on the wrong products, and I feel so confident when I step out the door in the morning!