Small is the New Big (Where Fine Art Photography is Concerned)

I set out to design beautiful products that feel like fine art. I wanted portraits that felt like small and valuable museum prints, or something precious that hangs in a gallery. Rather than selling giant portraits, which many women don’t want for photographs of themselves, I designed high-end, small-scaled fine art prints.

Watercolor and Metal Prints

You have a choice of glowing watercolor prints or sleek metal finishes. I float mount the prints to give a look of three-dimensionality, place double mats around the image, and select complimenting double frames. I place museum glass over all, which has virtually no glare.

Different Frame Styles

The prints above I call my Hollywood Regency style (on the left), which combines flat black and mirrored frames with a metal print and double-thick mat, my Renaissance Print (in the middle) with double antiqued gold frames and a hand-deckled (rough edged) watercolor print, and my Beachy Glam style (on the right), with rustic wood and burnished silver frames, combined with a metal print. Don’t see something quite right for you? We will custom design the perfect look with you.

These are treasures which will look beautiful with different home styles. Their small size (about 11x14 overall) will ensure they will find an ideal place in your home no matter where you live.