Meet Ender Waters. He's an Australian film student living here in Los Angeles and is about to head out for a semester in Oxford. When I sat down with Ender to talk about his portraits, it was immediately obvious to me that he didn't want a plain-old headshot.

Ultimately, Ender wants to direct feature films, but plans to start out directing music videos and fashion shoots. So, his portraits had to showcase his edgy, creative side.

He is a very talented photographer with a moody sensibility.  This gave me a lot to work with and allowed me to play with framing, color and drama.  Ever since he booked his shoot, I imagined this greenish, half-framed portrait (top right) and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  The portrait reminds me a bit of Mary Ellen Matthews, who shoots all still images shown during Saturday Night Live.

Shooting with unconventional framing can also make a square-format Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter photo look more interesting.

It was Ender's idea to do this film noir look (above left). He wanted something very dramatic, and this image was made using two light sources in a dark studio.

The client interview before the shoot is so important for getting the right look and feel for each image. I like to get to know my clients and learn about their goals, their businesses, their personality.  It's the only way to capture the right look.  It also gives us more freedom to experiment and play with different styles because there is trust between me and my clients.

I love how these images turned out. They look like how I see Ender - interesting, smart, dramatic, and like he means business. Good luck in Oxford!

To learn more about Ender, visit his Facebook business page.