I photograph women of all ages.  Up until their 60's, many women appreciate and want a beautiful portrait of themselves. But once women hit their seventies they often stop caring about having their picture taken.  But this is such an important time to be photographed.  Why? Because we so seldom have pictures of our parents, grandparents or siblings when they reach 70 and above, yet this can be one of the richest time periods of our relationship with them.

This beautiful woman in her 70's reluctantly came along to a 3-generation photoshoot at my Glendora, California Photography studio. Her daughter and granddaughter wanted a family portrait. Truthfully, I think she though it was a bit silly, but I can tell you that this image will be a family favorite.  This portrait will be a remembrance of the whole day they spent together, something they will hang on the wall, and a beautiful image of someone they love.

If you are over 70, consider giving this gift to the people who love you, and if you have parents or grandparents, consider inviting them to your portrait session. It makes the day even more fun to share it with someone you love, and the extra person is already covered in your session fee (hair and make-up, too!).

It's a different kind of senior portrait, designed to be a timeless object that celebrates this season of life.  This client was also totally psyched when she fit into this beautiful blue dress belonging to her granddaughter!  Now that's something to Facebook about!