This Article was written by Julie Ryan super talented make-up artists for Simpson Portraits

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The photographs you have taken at Simpson Portraits will be a keepsake you'll cherish for a lifetime. A little advanced preparation can make all the difference in the final product. While Stephanie and I will completely take care of you and look after all the details on the day of, there are a few things you can do the week before the that will go a long way in helping to avoiding distracting elements in your photographs. 


Touch up your roots. To much regrowth can be distracting and can make your hair appear flat. But remember, now is not the time to make any drastic hair changes! A simple touch up and small trim are all that's needed. 

Get a trim. Especially if it's been a while. Split ends will make your hair look dry and frizzy. 

Shape your brows. There are few things I love more than a beautifully shaped brow! Eyebrows frame the eyes and balance the face. During your makeup application, I'll fill them in and even them out for you but having them waxed or tweezed before makes them look so much cleaner and well groomed.  Go to a reputable waxer who will bring out the best shape in your natural brows to suit your features. If you have extremely sensitive skin, try threading.  If you prefer tweezing them yourself you can do it a day or two before the shoot. If you do any facial waxing (upper lip, chin cheeks) now's the time to do that too.

Start guzzling that H20. Hydration does wonders for the skin and the face. 


Get a manicure. Chances are your hands will be making an appearance in a few of your photos. Make sure they look their best by stoping into the nail salon or doing a quick at home mani. Bare nails are perfectly acceptable if you aren't a polish girl. 


Spray tan. This one's completely optional. We love pale skin too! A spray tan is a gray way to even out your skin tone (especially for a boudoir shoot or if you plan on showing a bit of skin in a great dress!) it also makes you look more toned and gives you a nice glow. Depending on your natural exfoliation rate, it's best to do this no longer than two days before your shoot so it doesn't start to fade away and look spotty. A professional airbrush tan or a mystic spray tan booth are the most popular options. The trick with the mystic is to wash your hands immediately after so they don't develop to dark. Hands tend to grab onto the color much stronger than the rest of your body. With an airbrush tan you don't need to worry about it since they'll customize the spray to avoid this. At home tanning can yield great results as well, but DO NOT attempt it for your shoot if it's your first time! No tan is better than a spotty tan. My favorite self tanner is St Tropez. It's by far the easiest to apply and rarely gets streaky as long as you are careful around the hands.

Exfoliate lips.  This is a big one if your lips tend to be dry! Lipstick and gloss will look much smoother on soft lips. Start exfoliating every morning a few days before your shoot. Simply mix a bit of honey and brown sugar and massage onto your lips for about 30 seconds. You will be amazed at how soft and smooth it makes them!


Come with clean dry hair and a bare moisturized face. 

Thank you, I hope these tips were helpful, see you at your photo shoot!