photocrati gallery Amy Vreeman is a super-talented musician and singer here in Los Angeles, who just released her latest volume of songs in a series called, Remembering Rich Mullins.

Amy is a spitfire. She's sassy, slightly sarcastic, super-passionate, but mostly all-heart.  This girl does not mess around, and I love that about her.  A few years ago, Amy was a student of mine in a Broadcast Journalism class I taught at Azusa Pacific University. We've remained friends ever since.

The goal for this shoot was to gather images for her next volumes that showcase her quirky/cool vibe. Style-wise, Amy rocks a modern bohemian look, and I immediately thought about a 1970's-style, natural, lens flare kind of shot.  I scheduled the shoot for late in the day so we could capture the sun just as it was setting, giving us this warm, dreamy look.

After that, I shot a series of pictures against a tree, but it wasn't unusual enough. So I made her stand in some bushes and practically climb the tree.  I photographed her through the leaves, giving her a mischievous, secretive vibe.

Amy VreemanSince Amy likes the unusual, I went for some close-focus shots of her eyes. My camera lens was fewer than 2 inches away from her face for this shot, and she didn't flinch.  I was psyched when she put this one on her Facebook page about a minute after I delivered the shots to her.

In the digital darkroom, I brought out the luminance of her skin and highlighted her eyes, and then played with color effects to make the shots a little edgier.

Together with her husband, Amy also owns a company specializing in a fun photo-booth-like experience for events such as weddings and big parties. As it's not a real "booth", the company is know as the PhotoBoothThing.

If you would like to hear Amy's music and learn more about her, visit her website. To download her music from iTunes, click here.