Welcome to the launch of Simpson Portraits! A new kind of photography company is born.  Our philosophy is based upon crafting your online brand and creating the portraits that match.   In the last few months, we have had a huge influx of clients looking for personal portraits to use on the internet.  It is suddenly VERY important for us all to have great headshots online, for our business websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profile, dating sites, and icons for smart phones, Skype, telecommuting, and more. So, do you want to look like a shlub in your online life? Will that shot you took using your iPhone held over your head make employers want to hire you off LinkedIn? Of course not! Do you need a great picture? Actually, no, you need several great pictures. That corporate buttoned-up shot isn’t going to win you any dates online. That goofy shot of you on a boat with a glass of wine isn’t going to get you that new job. There are different sides to all of us, and our pictures need to reflect that.

It's our business to help you figure out what your brands should look like, and we'll make you look amazing.

Why should you choose Simpson Portraits? Stephanie Simpson, owner and photographer, has the unique combination of expert brand marketer and visual storyteller.  She spent years as a cinematographer shooting commercials throughout California, and she also worked as a media marketer at Warner Bros. and The WB Television Network.  Now she'll help you tell your story.

To find out how you can make your online brands sing, please call us at 626.221.6646, or write to stephanie@simpsonportraits.com