8th Grade Graduation Portraits Los Angeles

HEY PARENTS OF 8TH GRADERS! Graduating from the 8th grade is an amazing milestone for teens. I love photographing 8th graders because they have one foot in childhood and one foot adulthood. They are simultaneously children, teens and 30-year olds!

Truth be told, it's a tricky age for parents, because their kids can look so grown up in pictures, and that can be hard to handle (especially for dads and daughters!). I specialize in age-appropriate posing, hair and makeup for the girls, and a fun experience for all.

As the mom of a tween, I understand how delicate this time can be. I have very strong feelings about doing everything we can to help our teens feel good about themselves so they can be confident and make good choices. This is especially true for girls, who can really be struggling with changes in their bodies, self image, peer pressure, and self esteem. I’m on a mission to encourage parents to photograph their kids during this changing time, and not to wait until they are “through their awkward stage.” Braces, awkward growth, and acne should never stand in the way of a child feeling good about herself.

These amazing kids are getting ready to take on the world! I’m now scheduling portrait sessions just in time to send out graduation announcements. If you know anyone with a graduating 8th grader, or an awesome teen/tween, please share.