I'm thrilled over our new style of Fine Art children's photography! I used to photograph children in the park where they ran around playing and I tried to capture a moment and pray it was in focus. But the images didn't satisfy me or make me think about fine art. I wanted to create a style of fine art children's photography that begged to be framed and would be cherished in my clients' homes. 

There's something about a still and quiet portrait of a child. Their personality still comes through, but the stillness gives us a moment to think about them and their character and future. These make me so happy.

When I photograph children, I try to keep our sessions to around an hour, even if it is a family of 3. I don't want to overtax young children, or make mom stressed out. For older children, we can do a couple outfit changes and change up the photography style, but for younger children, I like to keep it simple. 

Time is fleeting and our littles won't be so little for long. You'll see my own children in these collages. I was just looking at a print of my daughter on our dining room wall this morning and marveling at how she's changed since she was 5. In that moment, I was filled with the love.  That's what this is about. It's all about the love.