Thank you, Tim Gunn for shining a light on the belittling gap in the fashion industry. Making a lot of money and making women all over the world feel beautiful isn’t enough for most fashion designers. They would rather design for the few women who are sized 2 than the 72% of us who wear a size 12 and above. And what is up with retailers not wanting our business?

I never use the term, “plus size,” either to describe myself or my clients. I am a woman and I wear clothes and I want beautiful clothes that make me feel confident. This is not too much to ask. I have money to spend, but few options to purchase. Happily, some people are waking up to our under-served market and looking at opportunities. Thank you Melissa McCarthey for jumping into this market. Who is next?

When I was a kid, my mom shopped at a New York boutique called, The Forgotten Woman. It’s a perfect, but depressing name. Unseen, forgotten, ignored, invisible. This is how many of us feel.  I say to hell with that!

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