Bridal Couture Portrait Photography

We are taking bridal portraits to the next level. Fantasy portraits, magazine-style couture fashion spreads in your wedding gown, and custom studio beauty portraits are something totally new for brides in Los Angeles.

Wedding Photography is Documentary, This is Fantasy

There is only so much a wedding photographer can do on your big day to get creative, and sometimes, one wedding looks just like another. Great wedding photographers are great documentarians - they capture the day and show how beautiful it was. When I shot weddings, I loved the portrait part best, but with only about 30 rushed minutes, and no choice of location, my hands were tied in the creativity department.  

Now I’m creating a whole day for brides to come into my studio, have their hair and makeup done and create amazing, customized portraits which are totally unique to you. Do you want to look like you stepped out of Italian Vogue? Are you secretly edgy or does your wedding only reflect part of your personality? This is a great opportunity to go more fashion-y with your hair and makeup, wear your gown before the big day, and know that you will have the most beautiful portraits you’ve ever seen of yourself.


My amazing makeup artist, Mags Cathey, loves collaborating and dreaming up new and spectacular makeup designs. If you're looking for a classic bridal look or something fantastic, I cannot recommend Maggie enough as a Los Angeles wedding makeup artist.

These snow queen fantasy portraits are perfect for a winter bride, or even a summer bride who wished for a winter wedding. You can go as over-the-top as you like, or keep it classic and simple. The session is yours, so we can design it any way you wish. It’s a great time to photograph a boudoir album as a wedding gift for your groom as well

What kind of fantasy portrait would you love to have?