Stephanie & Ashley

We’ve been thinking a lot about moms. 

In a few days, we will be launching a contest on our Website and on Facebook for a deserving mom to win a custom beauty photography session.  In honor of this, we thought we would introduce ourselves and show that we, too, are moms. 

Having a photo shoot can be scary. There are so many emotions tied up in how we feel about our bodies, especially after having children.  Once we have kids, we become MOM and can lose who we are as women. 

We want our studio to be a place of welcome, comfort and feeling good about ourselves. It is a place to set aside our insecurities and be happy with who we are.  It is a time to reconnect with the woman inside us and not the roles we play.

Here are our stories:


I am a mom of 2 children, ages 5 and 9 and I own Simpson Portraits.  I have a great husband and I love my life. I am the worst offender of all when it comes to not wanting to be photographed. Since gaining a bunch of weight, I have avoided the camera. ( For more info on my story ) But like everyone else, I really wanted beautiful portraits of me. Can you believe it, I was nervous to take a self portrait! I had my hair and makeup artist work her magic on me, then I lit and posed myself while she clicked the shutter.  I feel so good when I look at these pictures. They remind me that I, too, can be beautiful.  I wanted to launch this contest because I so admire moms and I wanted to give someone a wonderful treat just for her.


I am single mom of a 10 year old little girl and I am the Studio Manager for Simpson Portraits. I wear so many hats and I work so hard to keep us going. I struggle with my weight every day. It’s easy for me to gain weight, so I have to be very health conscious, and I work out all the time.  Like most women, I have my insecurities and I understand what women go through when they come to the studio. I hadn’t done a mother/daughter shoot with my own child since she was little and when Stephanie took these pictures, I was so amazed with the reaction my daughter had to the photographs. She hugged me so tight.  I want her to see pictures that show the joy and fun we have together, especially as she approaches her teens.  I love being a mom and I am super excited about doing this contest so another mom can experience feeling beautiful.

If you’re thinking thoughts about a shoot, know that we have an all-female staff with a fun and girly environment. Want to see for yourself? We would love to meet you.

Stay tuned for our great Los Angeles Moms Are Beautiful Photography Contest! #momsarebeautiful