Out of Something Terrifying Comes Something Wonderful

About a month ago, I was prepping for a shoot as my 16-year old client was having her hair and makeup done in my makeup studio. We were almost ready to start, when my mom called and said she was having trouble breathing and maybe needed to go to the hospital. I grabbed my purse, apologized to my client and her mom, and drove as fast as I safely could the mile to my house.

When I got Mom into the car, I quickly realized how bad things were. Frankly, we almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time. She was having a heart attack, and it was bad. Needless to say, I was terrified.

Since her week in ICU and on life support, Mom has been doing much better. She’s home now, and I am amazed and relieved at her recovery.

I am also so grateful for my understanding clients that day. They just said “GO!” and made it easy for me to leave quickly. I was finally able to finish their photography session last week and Dalton and her mom had their reveal today. When she came to me, Dalton was a little shy and maybe a little nervous. But she blossomed in front of me. These are a few of the favorite images she selected. I’ll never forget this lovely mother and daughter, and I hope they’ll always love their photographs.