Finding Your Inner Seductiveness

I love being a mom. My kiddos are ages 4 and 9 and I’ve never been happier in my life.  But there is one thing that can be a little disheartening about being a mom, it’s losing that connection with myself as a woman.  Have you ever felt that way? Deep inside me is that sexy woman who used to buy lingerie and wear high heels and dresses.  Currently, that sexy woman is wearing 4-year old maternity pants and wooly socks.  Hmm. 

Finding that sexy woman again is going to take some effort. But really, that’s all it is – a little bit of effort.

Finding Your Inner Siren                                                      

Do you want to know what has helped me connect with my inner siren? It is decorating my studio in a girly girl way, and wearing makeup and jewelry to work every day. It’s buying and making frilly bits to use on shoots, and helping other women feel like a knock out during their photography session.  Being around girly things and spending time with other women has helped. That may sound strange, but being around women all the time, and not completely isolated in an office or staying at home with the kids like I used to, has really helped me to connect with the WOMAN in me, not just the mom role I play.

It’s not just being a mom that has killed some of my sexiness, but decorating a home in a gender-neutral way, and wearing a mom “uniform.” It’s that I don’t take time for a bubble bath or treat myself to a visit to the spa.  Frankly, I use the mom excuse to be lazy.

Transform Yourself Back into a Siren

So, here’s the challenge. If you would like to re-connect with the sexy woman inside you, one of the best ways is to treat yourself like you did before you became a mom or got too busy. Take a bubble bath. Buy some new makeup. Get dressed up and go out with the girls. Go on a date with your husband.

Try Boudoir Photography

And if you really want to see that hot girl again, come do a boudoir photography shoot.  These photographs aren’t for your husband or partner, they are for YOU.  You need to see yourself as a sexy creature again. You need to be reminded of that other side of yourself who got pushed aside in place of your mom self, or your too busy self.  Seriously, there is nothing like seeing yourself in the best photographs of your life for boosting your self-image and bring your sexiness to the surface.


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