Does your business look fantastic on the internet or is it in need of an upgrade?

The Days of Wondering into Stores are Over

When you own a small business, and are looking for customers, nothing is more important than showing your clientele your best self. Women, particularly those in their 30's and 40's are the most serious internet researchers out there and they want to know, in advance, that your shop or business will be worth their time. As a mom with two young children and a business owner, time is at a premium for me. I can't afford to waste time, so I research shops before I visit, activities before I try them out, and products before I buy. So your website better be up to snuff.

Excellent and Easy Business Photography

I recognized the need for excellent business photography in Los Angeles and have started Professional Images by Simpson Portraits. Photography shouldn't be a source of stress for you, or one of those things you put off for later. Your customers are looking for you NOW.  I specialize in beautiful portrait photography, but that doesn't have to mean pictures in my studio. Sometimes, showing who you are means showing your business or shop. 

This week, I visited Glendora Florist and created a magazine look for their business photography. I wanted the images to look like they came out of an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings or Real Simple.  We worked together to create natural looking vignettes, piled with flowers and arrangements, to showcase their incredibly talented floral designers.