Today's photograph gives a dose of fantasy to a high school senior portrait. This was taken in the woods near my Glendora, California photography studio. It's a magical little bit of forest, with dappled light, a stream running through the woods, and two beautiful bridges. 

This beautiful senior, Katie, was so excited to create an artistic shot that was unique, magical and with a dose of fantasy.  Before the shoot, Katie and I discussed ideas for her photographs. When she described the kinds of things that interested her, I immediately imagined this portrait. 

I created this gown specifically for this photograph.  It has a 10-foot train of pink tulle, and looks like a big puff of cotton candy. I'm making several more of these gowns in different colors.

On shoot day, Katie came to the Simpson Portraits Glendora portrait photography studio to have her hair and makeup done.  My makeup artist, Mags Cathey, talked to her about her skin and how she pictured her makeup.  After about an hour, Katie was beautiful and ready to go! 

Together, we all headed out to the woods, a short drive from the photography studio, where I had scouted the perfect tree.  This was a risk shot for me! I was perched on a bunch of rocks on a hill, and one slip and I would have plunged backwards into a bunch of boulders.  Eek! 

This was one of many different portraits we made that day, in multiple outfits - some were Katie's and some were in the studio wardrobe. We also photographed Katie's best friend that day, making it a BFF session! They wanted some moody shots together in the woods, and when we finished shooting there, we returned to the studio for some interior portraits.

I loved the portrait so much, I had a cool metal print made, which now hangs in the front entrance of the Simpson Portraits studio.  The metal print makes the color look super vibrant. 

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