Glamour photography sessions in my San Gabriel Valley portrait photography studio can be so fun, creative and varied.  I recently photographed Missy, a makeup artist and hair stylist who works at LUXE Salon in Glendora, California. 

We started the session with close-up shots inspired by images we saw of Rhianna.  Missy has great short hair and beautiful skin, so I posed her with arms and legs in the frame.  This makeup brush shot will make a great portrait for her business or blog.  It's fashiony, and kind of iconic. 


The most exciting shot from the shoot was this beautiful New York window portrait.  No, we didn't go to New York! This was taken in my Glendora studio, and I composited the New York shot into the background.  I was inspired by vintage fashion photography from the 1950's when I created this portrait.  I wanted something classic, yet modern and beautiful.  It will make beautiful fine art photography print for the wall.

Missy is striking but also playful.  I had found this great vintage bathing cap at local Glendora consignment store, Her Best Friend's Closet, and it was a perfect playful accessory.  Add some sunglasses and beautiful, rich black and white, and it looks like it flew out of the pages of a vintage Vogue.

NY Glamour Here in LA.jpg

I love creating clothing for glamour shoots. I made this tulle skirt extra poofy and long so it could be thrown and twirled and give a great girly quality to the portraits.  I'm slowly building my closet to include great dresses and accessories!

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