My awesome client is a few months away from graduating from a Los Angeles medical school and came to Simpson Portraits for a great medical school and residency business portrait.  She has a solid resume, terrific grades and scores, so her portrait needed to add that extra dimension that is hard to showcase on paper - likeability. 

All hospital residency applicants need a great portrait so they can be evaluated by the hiring team of doctors.  The tricky part is deciding how you to be perceived within a photograph by a group of overworked doctors.  Sure, you need to look smart, competent, and good with patients, but you will also need to look like you'd be a great colleague. No one wants to spend 20 hour shifts with Mr. Smartypants. They want to work with people who are easy to get along with and friendly.

Keeping these ideas in mind, our goal was to make images that would leap off the page or the screen.  Each of these three images tells a slightly different story and can be used for different purposes. In addition to a single image for the medical application, she can use one image for her LinkedIn profile, email signature, website/blog or Facebook page. 

It's important not to use a single image for all your business pages pages because it looks like the profile of a real estate agent.  Facebook should be a bit casual, LinkedIn should be formal and business-like.  These images will take my client through her first year of doctor training and shows her as a grown-up business person ready to care for people work on a medical team.