In two days, I'll be headed to Seattle to take part in a 3-day workshop with creativeLIVE.  If you're not familiar with creativeLIVE, it's an amazing approach to creative education on the internet.  With classes ranging from Photography, to running a small business, graphic design, video production, and even classes on mastering Pinterest marketing and selling your artwork on Etsy. Classes are free during their live broadcast, and if you want to re-watch a class or watch a past class, it's only $149 for a 3-day course.  It's a super value, and the classes are amazing. 

I've been an absolute creativeLIVE addict for the last 2 years, and am so pleased to at last be a part of the audience.  You'll get to see me there if you tune in at 8:45am or 4:15pm (PST) to Julia Kelleher's class.