modern headshots

Your headshots should reflect your brand, your industry, and attract the kind of clients or employers you are seeking. These days, we need headshots for LinkedIn, a Facebook page clients will see, email avatar, website and a shot for conference calls or Skype. These should all like different but still reflect your brand. Click here for our Business Headshot Gallery to get ideas.


LUXE Salon Glendora

Create the best look for your team

Individual portraits of your team can help to build relationship with your clients. The photographs should look like your company and brand, while revealing the personalities of your team members. Whether you sell insurance or cut hair, your company should look its best. Call us for a free quote and team branding consultation.

product photography

We love clean, modern product photography. You put so much effort into the goods you produce, and and should showcase them with the best possible product shots. Click here to see our modern product photography gallery.